Soccer teams conclude their season with the AISA Tournament


Claire Lee

On April 11, the boys ­varsity soccer team traveled to Japan while the girls’ varsity soccer team stayed at KIS to participate in the Association of International Schools in Asia (AISA) tournament. Other schools that participated, besides KIS and Yokohama International School (YIS), were Senri Osaka International School (SOIS), International School of Busan (ISB), St. Maur International School (SMIS) and Chadwick International School (CI). Throughout the three-day tournament, the soccer teams made unforgettable memories and formed stronger bonds, as they approached the end of their season.

Placing third in the tournament, the varsity girls’ soccer team yielded successful results. Their first match was against SOIS, whom they lost to, with a close margin of 1:2. However, the girls redeemed their status in a tied match against CI, ultimately winning the game after two rounds of penalty kicks. Maintaining their streak, they competed against BIFS and ended triumphantly with a score of 4:1. In their fourth match, the girls persevered through a challenging game against KIS. Unfortunately, despite the girls’ attempt to put on a fascinating performance, they lost by a score of 0:2. Nevertheless, the girls ended their final match of the tournament with a victorious win against YIS, after a round of penalty kicks secured their victory. With a total of three wins and two losses, the varsity girls placed third place, SOIS placed first, KIS placed second, YIS placed fourth, and CI placed fifth.

“It felt unreal that this year’s AISA was going to be my last,” said Julie Jang (12). “Playing five games was exhausting but I loved how the team was always enthusiastic and full of spirit throughout the tournament. The results were successful as well, and I wish the team continues to do well next year!”

The boys had an unfortunate turn of events and earned the title of fourth place in the tournament. On the first day of the tournament, the boys kicked off with a triumphant game against ISB, beating the team 5:1. However, the boys persisted throughout a difficult match against YIS, ending with a score of 1:5. After an outstanding performance on their first day, the boys started their second day with a challenging game against KIS in the semi-finals. Nonetheless, the Tigers set off for a lead, winning the tight match by a score of 2:1. Despite the countless attempts to bear fruitful results, the boys lost two consecutive matches against SMIS and SOIS by a close margin. With a total of two wins and three losses, the varsity boys’ placed fourth place, YIS placed first, SMIS placed second, SOIS placed third, KIS placed fifth, and ISB placed sixth.

“It was a surreal experience for me, since it was my first AISA tournament as a freshmen,” said Francisco Choi (9). “I got to interact with athletes from different schools and make many friends in the process of playing matches. I hope to participate in next year’s AISA tournament and make unforgettable memories once again.”