Pep rally evokes tiger spirit


On Sept. 27, the annual fall pep rally took place in Tiger Gym I. A biannual highly
anticipated event, the pep rally celebrates the efforts and achievements of the fall athletes
throughout the season. With some teachers excusing students from their fourth period classes
early, students rushed into the Tiger Gym, excited about the first pep rally of the school year.
Greeted with the cheering of the coaches and students, the fall sport athletes made their way
in, running proudly through the banner reading “Pep Rally.” The players were then called one
by one, individually receiving a moment of recognition and cheers from the audience.
“The pep rally was one of the most exciting events that I have been a part of,” said Zoe Lee
(10), member of the varsity girls tennis team. “I am truly honored to have our school
community rooting for the fall season athletes. Especially during the beginning of the pep
rally, I felt gratitude for everyone that continuously cheered on all the teams. This gave me
motivation and happiness that our team ended the season with a bang.”
The player introductions were followed by a D$Q surprise performance that elicited another
roar of excitement from the crowd. Trendy K-Pop songs such as Icy and Uh-Oh created huge
applause from the audience. This upbeat rhythmic flow brightened up the environment and
lightened the tense mood within the Tiger Gym, allowing the students to feel for the music
and allowing them to feel at ease. In addition, the D$Q members danced on beat exactly in
sync, with uniform gestures to one another, which made the students and teachers filled with
awe. Right after this new outburst of exhilaration, students and teachers alike showed their
full support to the fall season athletes in order to thank them for a great season.
“D$Q has designed another grand performance for the pep rally, which is a big event,” said
Charlotte Lee (10), a second year D$Q member. “All of the members have gathered up and
tried really hard to make this performance the best one yet, and hopefully it was. I recall that
the performance was extremely lively and energetic, and this was because the audience kept
us going with their cheers.”
As a final wrap up to the pep rally, the teachers voluntarily went to enjoy a game of charades
with the students, in which both the teachers and students had time to be amused with a
bonding experience. The game was designed to guess a given word through body movements
as the only way of communication, eliciting cheerful, lingering laughter that persisted all
throughout. Hilarious gestures and movements were shown directly during the pep rally, and
have made many audiences to feel true amusement. With the happy, jovial environment
created by the pep rally, students were given a chance to finally interact in joy. The full
support given by the whole school community during the pep rally, led the fall sport athletes
to believe that they couldn’t be any happier to represent our school’s pride.
“The game of charades was a game hosted by the Tiger Sports Counsel that have engaged all
of the fall season sport athletes: tennis, cross country, and volleyball together,” said Jonathan
Ames, Athletics and Activities Coordinator. “This allowed both the students and teachers to
unite. It was also a great ending to the pep rally, which was a great way to give the recognition deserved by all of the athletes who have devoted their time, work, effort, and
organization towards their respective sport.”