Student athletes prepare for tournaments


As the fall sports season nears its peak, student athletes are training harder than ever
to ensure optimal performance in the upcoming AISA Fall Tournaments and the
Dragon Cup Tennis Tournament. Student athletes, under the guidance of their
coaches, are focusing on developing skill sets that will help them be successful in
these tournaments. For many cross-country players, much of their attention is on
maintaining a stable stamina.
“The upcoming race course in Busan is presumably the most challenging course of
this season, so I am working on improving my performance by running on hills and
doing speed drills,” said Thomas Song (11). “Most importantly, I am making sure that
I am not exhausting myself too much before the tournament by getting enough rest.”
Meanwhile, varsity volleyball teams are placing a particular emphasis on teamwork.
Even outside of practice, varsity volleyball players actively seek to form close bonds
with each other in the hopes of building trust and improving team play. Besides team
chemistry, they are also practicing specific techniques such as serving, attacking, and
blocking to further guarantee victory.
“Although many people believe that powerful attacks are what lead a team to win, I
think otherwise,” said Alexandra Oh (12), varsity girls volleyball player. “Defense
and mastery of even the most basic skills such as passing are what makes a team
strong. As a senior, I aim to create a positive, encouraging atmosphere for the team.”
In preparation for the Dragon Cup Tennis Tournament, which is expected to take
place in Beijing, China from Oct. 17-20, varsity tennis players are working toward
achieving consistency in their serves and attacks. Furthermore, many consider the
tournament as an invaluable opportunity to grow as not only individuals but also
cooperative teammates.
“This year, we hope to implement the tactics we have practiced and discussed
together,” said Ricky Green, varsity boys tennis coach. “I think the tournament would
help establish a firm foundation for the future. Going forward, I am definitely looking
forward to working with a team full of such promising athletes.”