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BTS sets new all-time record in Youtube Records


BTS, one of the most popular big K-Pop boy bands, crushed YouTube’s past records with an astonishing 101.1 million views in 24 hours after the most recent release of their new single Dynamite on Aug. 20. This record broke the previous record that had been established by another K-Pop girl group, Blackpink, with their title track “How You Like That,” which garnered 86.3 million views in late June. Although the rise of BTS was slow and constrained due to their relatively small entertainment company, Big Hit Entertainment, their humble beginnings paved the way for the group’s characteristic modest nature. As BTS undertook numerous endeavors, their fan base expanded as more people started recognizing the pure talent and artistry that the members showcased.  Through their efforts, BTS gradually began to gain prominence in the music industry, ultimately achieving major hits and becoming one of the most successful K-pop groups supported by a vigorous fan base. “Dynamite”, with its music video having surpassed all other artists in views within the 24-hour time span, made it yet another success and arguably one of the most impressive feats to date for the boy band. 

“For me, the record didn’t come as a surprise,” said Yewon Kim (11), an avid fan of BTS. “As a part of the ARMY, I have been supporting BTS for many years, and I already knew that their talent wouldn’t go unnoticed. Since they have gradually gained more influence around the world, BTS continuously strives for a better version of themselves through constant improvement.”

The light pastel yellow and blue hues of the music video made the set even more aesthetically pleasing, clearly indicating the enormous effort put into the making of the video. Not only was the set stunning, but the music itself was also impressive with talented members singing through the entirety of the song. The lyrics of the song were sung completely in English, which set “Dynamite” apart from BTS’s past songs that incorporateding Korean lyrics. Furthermore, the upbeat song included a pop track with a disco-inspired sound in the background to further accentuate an atmosphere of cheerfulness, which was the main theme the band striveswas striving to convey to its fans. Apart from its high musical quality, “Dynamite” marked a pivotal new stride towards catering BTS music to international fans all over the world. The whole package was accompanied by breathtaking visuals, perfecting the music video and the single track. 

“Music videos released by BTS always gain many views because of the anticipation mounted on the fans,” said June Choi (11), a student captivated by the entertainment that BTS brings. “The compelling performances of BTS makes the fans wonder what music they would produce next and builds up curiosity about their next release. The form of pure joy experienced when BTS is exhilarating, as their aura can be felt immensely in every stage performance. Even the song Dynamite is outstanding as it contains a positive note to the fans, which was inspirational as it alleviated the many setbacks we face in this era.”

Currently, at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart with their song Dynamite, BTS is easily made the song one of the biggest hits in BTS history. The song has reached number one on major music sites like Melon, Genie, FLO, VIBE, and Bugs.

“BTS is an exceptionally phenomenal boy band group with songs that have a catchy, interesting beat,” said Zoe Lee (11), a K-Pop fan. “In the K-Pop industry, BTS has already been extremely influential and they are advancing on a worldwide scale. Each member’s unbelievable talents caught the eyes of many people, including myself. As they are continuing to break global records, I hope they would be a sensation in the future as well.”

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