News Flash – March 2


BEIMUN XXVIII took place over the weekend on Feb. 25-28. Being the first online BEIMUN conference, delegates were able to enjoy a whole new experience, using Microsoft Teams in order to send notes. This year, BEIMUN also employed a new system of sending notes, in which delegates were able to submit amendments, resolutions, and notes through a platform called MUN One, a shared online space for MUN conferences. Most delegates in the SIS MUN club participated in this conference, and despite these new procedures that many were unaccustomed to, SIS delegates made the most out of the online circumstances. At the closing ceremony, a number of SIS delegates were presented with the most diplomatic award, representing the most cooperative delegates who acted as a leading figure in each of their respective committees. This year’s BEIMUN XXVIII served as another opportunity for MUN delegates to not only showcase leadership skills but also learn to work more collaboratively alongside others in solving the most pressing issues of our day.