Editorial: Future Tenses in 5 Senses


Sarah Ju, Editor-in-Chief

The eventful school year has come to an end, and having bid farewell to the seniors, I am now left with the amazing task of serving as the Editor in Chief of Tiger Times Online for the 2021-22 school year. Faced with uncertainty for the coming months, I am looking forward to the possibly grueling times that lie ahead. It can undoubtedly be difficult to come to terms with changes, but there is a strange beauty in sensing the transformation surrounding us.


I first heard of Tiger Times in middle school as a budding starry-eyed writer, excited to share my thoughts with the world. With the paper unfolded before me, I drank everything in and fully realized the artistry that is the world of publications. It was then that I resolved to contribute to the school newspaper by all means possible. Flash forward some time down the road, and I was holding the very first issue I was published in and taking a deep whiff of that distinctive newspaper smell. The pride I felt in that moment was unmatched. Tiger Times to me, and hopefully to all members of our staff, is not only the means to achieving a dream by voicing student opinions, but also the dream itself.


It would be a lie if I said I did not face my own struggles in our publication. Juggling many assignments at once, along with the inevitable social turmoil that comes with high school, was an incredibly challenging feat. Still, nothing beats the amount of satisfaction that comes from working alongside the most talented journalists at SIS and creating a token of memory to capture these special moments in time. Tiger Times, in this way, is something incredibly special that has characterized my high school experience and preserved the unforgettable memories of our youth. 


Our newspaper will be facing a number of changes next year. A big one is that the paper division and website division will be split into two different classes altogether, which will make way for more interesting dynamics and in-depth conversations about the stories we cover and the values we uphold. In the coming year, Tiger Times Online will see more accommodations for multimedia content such as podcasts and videos, and news will be delivered in a more efficient manner with regular, shorter stories. As always, we will place a lot of emphasis on school-related news, as this publication is something personal to us, the student body. With nuances that only we, having lived the SIS life, will be able to understand, Tiger Times will bear stories that sustain our legacy and touch many hearts for years to come. And all of this is only a taste of what lies before us.

As the Editor in Chief of TTONL, I long for a successful year in which we welcome unforeseen challenges and feats. I can sense that hope becoming a reality.