SIS teachers become fierce tigers during board game competitions

Imagine teachers competitively playing board games with the intensity stiffening the air in the room. Though it seems unimaginable, this is exactly what is taking place at SIS. 


Since early August, Eugene Lee, Megan Lee, Rose Tyvand, and Emily McClintock have engaged in a new board game competition. Dr. Tyvand has been playing board games competitively with other teachers since five years ago from her very first week at SIS. The competitions take place mostly at the Lees’ house, and the type of board game varies periodically. 


The entire science department, as well as Ms. Lee and Ms. McClintock, is currently obsessed with the board game ‘Wingspan.’ Mr. Lee purchased the game on, which is a website full of high strategy board games. Strategy board games are unique in the sense that they are dependent not on chance, but on tactics. 


Wingspan is a challenging board game that requires players to collect a number of birds, place them in their corresponding habitat, and help them build a network of wildlife. Currently, Dr. Tyvand holds first place after beating both Mr. and Ms. Lee by 75 to 74 points in the last game. 


“I have not played board games in a long time, but because of COVID-19, there is not much to do,” Mr. Lee, an avid board game player, said. “Because the SIS teachers live in very close proximity to each other, it is easy for us to socialize and get together. Everyone becomes competitive, especially Dr. Tyvand, which makes the board games even more fun.” 


After each game, Dr. Tyvand and Mr. Lee find creative ways to tease each other, which further adds fuel to their rivalry. Occasionally, students can find taunting remarks written on the classroom whiteboards. Other teachers, such as James Kowalski and James Tyvand, often help to hide classroom props, or make playful posters of each other. 


“Although the games themselves are fun, taunting your colleagues is even better,” Dr. Tyvand, AP Chemistry teacher and board game player, said. “I think other teachers and students think it is funny especially when we tease each other about it. Being a science teacher is about embracing our inner ‘geekdom,’ and whenever we can show the students that we are a geek and that we are proud of it, there is something special we are sharing.”


In the near future, students can expect to watch a board game match between Dr. Tyvand and Mr. Lee happen live in the atrium. During the teacher auctions that are held annually, Dr. Tyvand and Mr. Lee are also willing to buy students pizza and participate in board games as a large group during lunch time.