RCAS hosts first annual Rubik’s Cube competition

Sarah Ju, Editor-in-Chief


On the morning of Oct. 15, students gathered in the atrium to watch and participate in SIS’s first ever 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube competition. Organized by John Kim (12), who planned and hosted the entirety of the event, in coordination with Jaehyun Lim (12), who handled the design of the posters, the banner, and the name tags, the event was a successful hit amongst the student body.

Following the heated competition, Jayden Bong (5) won 3rd place, Juwon Park (5) won 2nd, and Ryan Lee (7) took home the cake of 1st place with a total solving time of 20.19 seconds.

“I really liked solving the Rubik’s Cube, but there were no tournaments at SIS for students to explore this passion, so I just made one myself,” John, main overseer of the event and chief of the Rubik’s Cube Association of SIS (RCAS), said. “Rubik’s Cube is a very niche thing, so I wanted a competition to celebrate that. I just wished to create a place where people can show off their skills and talents.”

The RCAS is a school-wide organization (grades 1-12) with a mission of annually hosting a competition to promote the sport of Rubik’s Cubing and recognizing those with exceptional skills. Thanks to the hard work of the Rubik’s Cube Association, all students who attended the event were able to have a pleasant, engaging experience.