Professional sports league season excites the school community

Minjae Chun, Design & Production Editor

November is fast approaching, and the sports calendar is in full swing. While the 2021 NFL season is getting closer to the end, the NBA and NHL are just beginning their official regular season. Both teachers and students are eagerly waiting to watch their favorite sports stars back on screen. 


“I am looking forward to this NBA season as it is the first full 82-game season ever since the start of the pandemic,” Eric Lee (11), an avid NBA fan, said. “In November, during the NBA Showcase Cup, I am hoping to invite some friends to my house and watch the games together.” 


Although most international fans will be cheering for their teams virtually, the NBA and NHL are aiming for full arenas within the U.S. The NHL held its first game on Oct. 19, and the NBA is anticipating its first game on Oct. 27. Fans can watch past and live games online via ESPN and NBC sports. 


Meanwhile, as the school’s upcoming winter sports season is increasing the excitement for sports around the school community, students are often seen discussing topics about the NBA and NHL—ranking players, sharing recent game scores, and asking about the week’s game schedule.


“My friends and I usually meet during activity periods to talk about teams’ performances,” David Mun (11), NHL fan, said. “I enjoy talking about sports with my teachers as well. We often have really good conversations about each others’ teams. I think the fact that I can bond with my family, friends, and teachers is what truly makes the sports league season so exciting.”


Amidst the tight exam schedules, sports fans in the high school community are connecting together and sharing the excitement for the upcoming sports season. By watching the professional athletes play, student-athletes, too, are motivated to improve their skills for the winter season.