Elementary students celebrate Halloween

Joseph Chun and Daniel Shin

On Oct. 29, elementary students dressed up for Halloween. Though the ES parade was cancelled due to COVID safety reasons, teachers plan to carry out entertaining activities such as decorating pumpkin baskets, watching movies, and exchanging candy in their respective classrooms.

“Last year, we did trick or treating. Our kids would give candy to the kindergarteners and they really had fun being the older kids in the event,” Stevie Rumney, ES teacher, said. “Though students cannot go out to trick-or-treat with other students in their grade this year, we will be giving out candy to the students within each of the classrooms.”

Despite the restrictions in trick-or-treating, these events strive to form a jubilant atmosphere for the ES student body.

“I think the Halloween event gives the children something to look forward to,” Ms. Rumney said. “It will be a fun day for them that they will remember when they grow older.”