Zombie apocalypse takes over AP classrooms


Photo courtesy of Jinwook Shin (11)

Jack Lee, Reporter

On Oct. 29, AP Seminar and AP US History students dressed up as historical figures of their choice in celebration of Halloween. James Kowalski, the teacher of both courses, awarded a summative extra credit point for students who dressed up as zombies and wore their costumes for the entire day.

“My goal in offering this year’s Halloween dress-up event is to have students feel part of a shared school spirit event,” Mr. Kowalski said. “Additionally, it invites students to take a closer, critical look at historical figures in whom they have some personal interest and would like to learn more about.”

Students created zombie attire by splattering red paint on their clothes. Many students also used face paint and drew on their masks in an attempt to make themselves look scarier. Showcasing a great variety of costumes, AP Seminar students dressed up as historical figures ranging from scientists, such as Thomas Edison, to ancient philosophers, such as Aristotle. 

“I think that these activities are very interesting, not only because it is a fun way to express oneself during Halloween, but also because it is a creative way to depict the things that I have learned in Mr. Kowalski’s classes,” Mingunn Kim (11), a student taking AP Seminar, said. “Specifically, we were able to bring to life the different philosophies and concepts we have learned about thus far. I wish activities like this, or at least those similar to this, will continue in the future.”

With similar dress-up requirements to that of AP Seminar, students in AP US History wore costumes of famous British comedians, such as Charlie Chaplin, and civil rights activists, including Martin Luther King Jr. But costumes of former presidents such as Abraham Lincoln were most popular. The dress-up event added to the overall festivities around the school and introduced a new, creative means for students to express passion in their classes.