SADD hosts anti-anxiety coloring activity


Bin Ma, Reporter

Members of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) are hosting activities in the atrium every day from Nov.15-19 to increase awareness about mental health. This has been the first mental health awareness week at SIS. 

Specifically, on Nov. 16, the activity assisted students to resolve anxiety by focusing on coloring and talking to others.

“This is only the beginning of our anti-anxiety activities.” Katherine Richardson (11), the organizer of this event, said. “We plan to move beyond hosting small activities during office hours to larger activities where people can talk to each other about the problems they have and issues that they are facing.” 

For other days, the club planned activities such as mindful meditation and making cups of tea. Along with each activity, members of the club created posters and hung them around the school to advertise the event. 

Though students often go to counselors for help, these activities aim to make mental health a more accessible topic for the entire student body and make an engaging, memorable experience for everyone involved.