Travis Scott concert under investigation


Cherlin Kim, Managing Editor

On Nov. 5, 50,000 fans rushed into Travis Scott’s concert in Houston, ready to enjoy Astroworld’s music festival live. What they had not anticipated was the surge of injuries, deaths, and lawsuits in the aftermath of this event. 

The primary cause of this surge, which initiated these damages, is still under investigation. 

The crowd grew dense with people attempting to get a better view of Scott on stage. One person falling to the ground caused many others to topple over, leaving them to be trampled and suffocated. At least ten concert-goers were killed at the concert. 

Troy Finner, Houston city police chief, concluded under a criminal investigation that a concert-goer had injected others throughout the night with drugs, placing many in hospitals to be treated with anti-overdose medicine. 

Even with the root of this surge still in question, people are more concerned over Scott’s possible neglect of the suffocating crowd in front of him. 

“I am a huge fan of Travis Scott and always believed that he was a friendly rapper,” Aiden Lee (10), fan of Scott, said. “I was so shocked by how negligent he was about the injuries and deaths. There is no way that he did not see the people getting injured.” 

Scott halted the show a few times after witnessing ambulances wailing through the crowd. However, instead of stopping the show, he continued on for the next thirty minutes, until he was signaled by his team to stop. 

“Travis Scott had an Instagram live where he discussed the situation, and you can clearly sense his insincerity,” David Mun (11), fan of rap music, said. “Looking at videos taken directly at the concert, you can also see that he did not care at all about the injuries happening right in front of his eyes.”

Scott also resorted to Twitter in order to express his sorrow towards the people harmed during these times; however, people are chastising him for not taking true responsibility for the damage his concert caused to the families who lost loved ones.