Disney Plus goes viral among high school students


It has only been a month since Disney Plus was launched in South Korea, and high school students are avidly sharing newly released Disney exclusive TV series and movies on their social media. 

“I initially purchased Disney Plus because of its wide range of animations and TV shows. The animations are what really make Disney Plus special since there aren’t a lot of animations on other streaming services,” Andrew Hahm (11), Disney Plus subscriber, said. “The monthly subscription fee is also relatively cheap at 8,000 won, so it is very accessible for students.”

Despite the hold Netflix has on the streaming industry, The Guardian recently reported that Disney’s explosive growth is anticipated to surpass its arch-rival, Netflix’s subscribers by 2025. Students are expressing how Disney Plus is offering a stronger line-up of movies than other streaming services that are particularly appealing to Marvel and Star Wars fans. 

“Although I still have a subscription for Netflix, I’m reconsidering my purchase for this month because Disney Plus is the only streaming platform that uniquely offers my favorite Marvel shows,” Andrew said. “These days, I definitely spend more time watching Disney Plus than Netflix or Amazon Prime.”

Especially since the holiday season is fast approaching, classic Christmas films exclusively available on Disney Plus like A Christmas Carol and The Nutcracker are regaining popularity among the high school community. Students and teachers are looking forward to spending their winter holidays binge-watching the Disney series.

“I love how Disney Plus brings back nostalgic memories,” Emily McClintock, Disney Plus subscriber, said. “In Disney Plus, there are a great variety of 90s holiday movies like the Holiday Inn that I always used to watch with my family as a child. I definitely recommend both teachers and students to subscribe to Disney Plus as there is so much entertaining content for every age group.”

In the next few days, Disney Plus is expected to release various movies and shows, most notably Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new series Hawkeye on Dec. 8, and Encanto on Christmas eve.