One Ordinary Day


Sunny Lee, Reporter

With a rising demand for streaming service platforms, many are jumping into the industry. As the market becomes more competitive, a popular tactic for companies is producing exclusive content, differentiating themselves from others. For example, Netflix has been putting out 

“Netflix original” series to attract viewers and increase membership. 

The South Korean e-commerce company “Coupang” released their own streaming service branch, “Coupang Play.” On Nov. 26, they premiered their first-ever original series “One Ordinary Day,” starring Kim Soo-Hyun and Cha Seung-Won. 

“I am excited to see Kim back on screen,” Hannah Kim (12), an avid K-drama fan, said. “I think it was an effective strategy for them to use top actors to increase the quality of their drama and bring attention. Coupang Play is unknown to many yet, so I think it is also a good way to introduce people to this platform.”

In the show, Kim serves as Kim Hyun-Soo who is a college student with a baby face. He plans 

on having one fun night out but ends up getting heavily involved in a murder scene. Having no recollection of the night, Kim claims his innocence. Cha plays Shin Choong-Han who is initially hired as Kim’s lawyer but later gets replaced by one from a bigger law firm. For some reason, his soft spot for Hyun-Soo ties him down to continue fighting for his freedom. 

The truth to how the case unfolded remains a mystery, creating a suspense that keeps the audience from exiting. Although viewers assume that Hyun-Soo is not guilty as the show implies, they can not help but wonder if he is the true culprit. 

“Based on my experience of watching numerous K-dramas, a reasonable guess might be that Kim Soo-Hyun will soon regain his memory and try to prove his innocence with the lawyer,” Eunice Yang (12), a fan of K-dramas, said. “The fact that it is streaming on a non-mainstream channel is definitely a factor that makes it less accessible to a broader audience. However, I have always noticed that the most critical factor that plays into the popularity of a show is not the situational factors but rather the plot and the quality.”