Fact-checking the AP course system at SIS


Image from College Board

Erin Choi, Reporter

A number of SIS students remain unsure about the AP course system: in particular, how the testing regulations outside of school work. 

The number of AP courses students are permitted to take differ per grade level. Students are allowed to take their first AP course during their sophomore year and a maximum of four and five AP courses during their junior and senior years respectively.

The system of restricting the number of AP courses students can take each year leaves many students feeling unsatisfied. Many continue to feel the need to demonstrate academic rigor, and thus take additional AP courses outside of school. 

“I have seen several cases of students taking AP tests outside of school,” Gray Macklin, HS principal, said. “They often take tests outside of school if they are worried that they will not achieve the same level of accomplishment or grades in the class. I think that AP Government and AP Computer and Science are the two courses I see students take outside of school, especially because our school does not offer AP Government class.” 

 Students are able to take AP tests outside of school and use them for college credit, even if they do not take the course at school. After students decide to take an AP test outside of school, they are unable to include that course in their transcript and take that course in school. Still, the limitations imposed at school cause some look outside of school for more AP choices.