BigBang to make long-awaited comeback


Erin Choi, Copy Editor

On Feb. 7, YG Entertainment confirmed that BigBang, one of South Korea’s biggest and most controversial boy bands, is making its long-awaited comeback this year. They have reportedly completed the recording process of their new song, to be released along with a music video this spring.

BigBang’s last song “Flower Road”,  released in 2018, was a farewell song dedicated to members who had to serve in South Korea’s military service. Following the completion of all members’ mandatory military service, the band was to perform at the 2020 Coachella festival and prepare for a comeback. However, the COVD-19 pandemic delayed both the Coachella festival and the group’s comeback. 

BigBang’s return was further hindered by former member Seungri’s scandals. During their break,  Seungri was exposed as the culprit behind the Burning Sun incident, a sex scandal that rocked the K-pop industry and resulted in a prison sentence of 18 months for Seungri. Other BigBang members also have been embroiled in various scandals in the past, such as T.O.P and G-dragon’s drug scandals in 2017 and 2011 respectively. Each controversy has increased the number of critics and contributed to the public perception of them as immensely talented trouble-makers.

“I think that all BigBang fans knew that they would not be getting a new song for a while,” Hannah Kim (12), longtime Kpop fan, said. “Especially because South Korea is sensitive to even minor scandals when it comes to celebrities, it was no question that the members’ scandals played a big role in delaying their activities and song release.”

This comeback will seemingly be the last for the four-man group. Rapper T.O.P announced that he will be leaving YG Entertainment after BigBang’s promotional activities for their new album. 

 Several fans expressed their disappointment following news of T.O.P and Seungri no longer taking part in BigBang’s activities, however their excitement and anticipation for BigBang’s comeback weighs the heaviest.

“To be honest, I was not so surprised to hear that not all of the original members would be participating in BigBang’s comeback,” Vivienne Chung (11), avid BigBang fan, said. “Without the original members, the music will not be the same for sure. But I am just thrilled to hear that they will be releasing new music, it has been too long since they have made a comeback.”