DMZ Eco Youth club members dive into nature

Cherlin Kim, Copy Editor

On Feb. 19, DMZ Eco Youth club members Tobias Choy (10), Joshua Hwang (10), and Yoonseo Kang (10) headed to Cheorwon County, Gangwon-do to observe crane species in the area. 

After studying them intently, they created a pi chart that distinguished the Gangwon-do bird species based on regions. On the same day, they drove to the DMZ Crane Pyeonghwa Town where they interacted with other members from different international schools to present their pi chart and photos collected. 

“I grew interested in joining this club, because I wanted to have first-hand experience of viewing distinct species instead of through textbooks or from afar,” Tobias said. 

The DMZ exhibition began displaying the photos taken by SIS students at Gangwon-do starting Feb. 23 in the atrium and will continue until activity period on Feb. 25. The photos showcase not only the crane species observed but a wide array of nature components witnessed during their trip.