High school student council introduces new Cartnivore snacks


Jack Lee, Reporter

On Feb. 15, the high school student council (HSSC) introduced new snacks to the cartnivore, such as cup ramen and Dippin Dots ice cream. Provided with a larger variety of snacks, more students have started lining up in the snack carts over the past week.

“At first we took into consideration what the student body wanted to see in the snack cart, administering a poll,” Philip Hahm (11),  secretary of the HSSC, said. “Students voted on Dippin Dots and ramen, so we incorporated those into the snack cart. I suppose what I am personally looking forward to is seeing how well these new snacks would do and maybe even enjoy them myself when I am not on shift.”

By the start of office hours, a long line of students formed to wait for cups of spicy, hot ramen while some waited for Dippin Dots. Ramen has also become a convenient alternative for regular meals. Students who have busy schedules filled with exams and assignments can now easily rely on ramen as a replacement for lunch. 

“We have started selling Dippin Dots, which sells out very quickly,” Nathan Warkentin, the advisor of the HSSC, said. “Ramen is also very popular right now. There were so many people lined up for the ramen that we could not even keep up the demand for it. I am glad the HSSC is continuing to introduce new exciting options and that keeps people’s interest really high.” 

The Cartnivore has long been a popular hang-out spot and a great way for members of the student body to withstand their hunger until lunch time. Arguably the most popular menu has been Cup Rice, but with the new menus rapidly gaining traction, it seems as though the long-standing no. 1 snack now has some competition. But regardless of which snack is more popular, it appears that the snack cart will continue to grab attention by the high school student body.