That’s a wrap on the 2021-’22 winter season

Jennifer Kwon, Reporter

With the 21-22’ year winter season coming to an end, SIS winter athletes gathered in the auditorium on Feb. 25 during activity period for the winter sports awards ceremony. 

“SIS sports awards ceremonies are events that take place after each seasons’ KAIAC tournament,” Jonathan Ames, activities coordinator, said. “It is during these ceremonies where a few select players are recognized either as the Coach’s Choice, Most Valuable Player (MVP), or Most Improved Player (MIP). It’s also a chance for coaches to say something about their team in recognition of the students’ dedication and effort.”

For the boys’ varsity basketball team, KAIAC recognized Ashton Kim (11) as an all-conference player. John Lee (12) was also acknowledged as an all-tournament athlete, but was also Coach Munroe’s pick for Coach’s Choice. Philip Ham (11) dominated the court, and was the second pick for Coach’s Choice and the Top Defender. Though only a sophomore, Andrew Park (10), performed exceptionally well and was nominated for MVP, all-conference, and all-tournament. Despite the boys’ losing the championship game at the KAIAC tournament, they nevertheless entered as the no.1 seed and had a 9-1 season.  

As for the boys’ JV basketball team, Mr. Fischer selected Aaron Kim (10) as MVP, Joseph Park (10) as MIP, and Edward Choi (9) for Coach’s Choice. The boys won the championship game at KAIAC on Feb. 12 and are continuing their fourth streak as JV champs. 

In the girls’ varsity basketball team, Coach Miller honored Asuka Kurebayashi (12) as MVP, Talin Tyvand (11) as MIP, Erin Ryu (11) for Coach’s Choice, and Anika Kurebayashi (10) as Top Defender. Sophia Eu (12) and Asuka were acknowledged as all-conference athletes with Katherine Suk (12) and Maeve Gerhard (12) further nominated as all-tournament players. Though they also placed 2nd in KAIAC like the boys varsity team, they entered as the no.1 seed and had a 8-2 season.

The girls’ JV basketball team were able to maintain their fifth streak as undefeated champs, with an outstanding 8-0 record. Coach Nave congratulated Celine Yang (9) as MVP while selecting Yevene Hwang (10) and Grace Choi (9) for Coach’s Choice. 

The cheer team finished as runner-ups in the KAIAC tournament. Though they performed their routines virtually due to distancing regulations, all team members worked hard on their stunts, tumbles, and dances since November. Co-captains Ashley Seong (12) and Katie Lee (12) were rewarded as KAIAC all-conference cheerleaders, with Erin Choi (11), Jasmine Kim (11), and Christine Cho (9) chosen for all-tournament. Coach Banas then granted Ashley Seong (12) for MVP, Kris Son (10) for MIP, and Katie Lee (12) for Coach’s Choice. 

Despite how the swim team faced the challenge of adjusting their spring sport to a winter one, they managed to successfully end the season. KAIAC recognized Emily Sung (12), Nathan Kim (12), Justin Chung (12), Eunie Choi (11), Jay Park (11), Yuzine Yi (11), Jane Park (10) and Daniel Shin (10) as all-conference swimmers. Yuzine, Jane, Jay, Nathan, Daniel, Justin, and Eric Cho (9) were also announced for the all-tournament. Coach Kim awarded Jane Park (10) and Nathan Kim (12) as MVP, Alma Tyvand (9) and Jay Park (11) as MIP, and Yuzine Yi (11) and Daniel Shin (10) for Coach’s Choice. The boys placed 4th with the girls’ following right behind them in 5th.  

“We were fortunate enough to have a season this year amid all the COVID-19 regulations,” Jinwook Shin (11), varsity swimmer, said. “I’m glad we had the chance to train since last years’ shutdown prevented us from even coming to school. Props to Mr. Ames for organizing all these events since none of this could have happened if it were not for him.”