Youtube Influencer Club hosts international film competition


Jack Lee, Reporter

The executives of the Youtube Influencer Club (YIC) are hosting an international film competition between SIS, Korea International School (KIS), and Seoul Foreign School (SFS). The contestants are required to film and create videos that represent who they are. Teachers, counselors, and principals from the three schools will judge the competition.

“The international school film competition was first an idea pitched by our executives in the YIC,” Christine Lee (11), the president of YIC, said. “As we were preparing for the competition, we realized that many members wanted to collaborate with other clubs in other international schools. Thanks to the hard work of our executives, we were able to contact clubs in KIS and SFS where we managed to gain a wider range of applicants.”

Every participant must create a video within the range of one to ten minutes. Types of videos can range from documentaries and short films to vlogs. Before uploading, each participant must also add a summary or description of their video. The winners of the competition will win custom gift cards of their choice. The first, second, and third place winners will receive 300,000, 200,000, and 100,000 won gift cards respectively. 

“I think allowing students to create a wide array of videos allows them to express themselves a lot more freely compared to when they are restricted to certain formats and requirements,” Lauren Kim, communications director of YIC, said. “In addition, I think that they can explore many different types of film in order to find their own style and figure out what they like and want to carry on with. I think this competition will allow students to create a condensed version of their identity and really figure out how they can introduce themselves to others in a short amount of time.”

The competition is the first film competition hosted by a club in SIS this year, and it provides a unique opportunity for students to interact with content creators from other schools. By collaborating with students in other schools, members at YIC can teach each other new skills in filming and share each others’ talents. Ultimately, YIC hopes to nurture the SIS community’s interest in filming through the competition.