Jitters for 2022-’23 school year: AP course selection begins at SIS


Cherlin Kim, Copy Editor

On Feb. 21, Gray Macklin, SIS high school Vice Principal, sent out an email to all rising freshmen, juniors, and seniors in regards to course selection for the 2022-’23 school year. That same week, he released AP recommendation request forms for all grades and an appeal form for rising juniors and seniors. 

Rising sophomores will dip their toes into AP course selection for the first time, with four courses offered to them: AP Biology, AP US History, AP World History, and AP Computer Science. In contrast to previous years, they can now select AP World History for sophomore year, whilst AP Environmental Science is no longer offered. 

“I would be lying if I said that I am completely free of apprehension of becoming a sophomore as I’ve heard about how stressful it is,” Chelsea Kim (9), current freshman, said. “Nonetheless, I’m excited to have the opportunity to explore the subjects I enjoy in depth through one of the AP classes.”

Rising juniors also open their eyes to an array of AP courses in social studies, English, math, and fine art. Though selecting three AP courses for junior year is recommended, they had the option to appeal to take four by indicating their interest in the AP appeal form. With English 11 and Writing 11 (or AP English Language and Composition) being the only required courses for junior year, sophomores are intently weighing their options. 

“This year’s course selection is definitely not easy,” Yujin Lee (10), rising junior, said. “I feel like I should be taking courses in relation to my intended major, but I also feel peer-pressured to select certain courses that other sophomores commonly choose.” 

Stepping foot into their final year at SIS, rising seniors feel the joys and jitters. Seniors can take four APs, but may request to take up to five or even up to six APs. Work study or study hall is mandatory for students who take five AP courses, whereas study hall is requisite for those who are planning to take six. Alongside these courses, Pathways Hub, in which seniors can engage in independent passion projects, is recommended as well.

With the next school year drawing near, all grades can look forward to AP courses that will give them a taste into college-level learning and a rich cultivating experience.