Spanish students cook up cultural enthusiasm

Daniel Shin, Managing Editor

Spanish III, Spanish IV, and AP Spanish classes took part in cooking activities throughout this month as part of a culturally enriching experience. 

All classes made Hispanic food ranging from quesadillas to fajitas using a variety of ingredients commonly found in Latin America. Spanish III classes made Hispanic food at home for a summative grade while Spanish IV and AP Spanish classes cooked food at school as an in-class activity. 

“Some people were making tacos and guacamole, while I was in charge of the quesadillas,” Eileen Kim (12), AP Spanish student, said. “It was really fun because everyone had their own job and we had music playing— I think it was a wholesome experience. Spanish class is not just about the language but also about the culture.”

Spanish teachers hoped that these food projects would give students a unique opportunity to experience the traditional culture of communal cooking. Spanish classrooms buzzed with excitement, and students from other classes were invited to join and taste Hispanic food for the first time.

“In Hispanic culture, it is really important to cook and eat together,” Carolina Paglialunga, Spanish IV and AP Spanish teacher, said. “I wanted to apply something new for the students but also make it interesting. The project [represents] Spanish culture in terms of the food but also the social aspect of it.”