Students look forward to RAK week


Erin Choi, Reporter

From March 21-25, Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) will be hosting its annual RAK week, with each day of the week having distinct activities. Although RAK week during the past two years has been virtual due to COVID-19, it will be held in person this year, further exciting students. 

“RAK week is significant to RAK because it is the time of the year where we get to satisfy our club’s central goal of alleviating stress and heightening the happiness of our community,” Jennah Yoo (11), president of RAK, said. “As a president of this club, I feel incredibly proud of the effort that members have put into pulling it off together. I am extremely excited to bring the activities back on campus and hope that everyone enjoys what we planned.”

The first day of RAK week is a comedy event. On “meme Monday,” RAK members will be handing out and displaying printed pictures of memes of teachers that work in the main building in front of their respective classroom doors. RAK members have been working on creating these memes for two weeks. The memes are mostly inside jokes about the teachers and their teaching styles. 

On “tie-dye Tuesday,” students will have the chance to paint each others’ t-shirts. A form will be sent out over the weekend in which students can sign up for a free white t-shirt. During activity period on March 22, students will receive their shirts at the green top on the third floor of the main building where they can proceed with the painting activity. 

“Wakanda” or “weird Wednesday” is the day when high school students can participate in a social media challenge. Students are expected to film themselves saying “wakanda” and either post their videos on their personal social media accounts or submit them to any of the RAK executives’ emails. RAK executives will then select the five most entertaining videos to post on RAK’s instagram, and students can vote for their favorite video. The winner will be gifted a Starbucks coupon in the last week of March.

High school students will be able to fully express their gratitude toward their teachers on “thank you Thursday.” RAK will be emailing all high school students a Google form where students can submit gratitude messages toward teachers. The teachers will then receive paper copies of the responses on the last day of RAK week. 

The last day of RAK week will be “flee-senioritis Friday.” On this day, RAK executives will use a random generator to pick 15-20 lucky seniors to receive a free drink from Gongcha. RAK executives will be announcing the selected seniors the morning of Friday through a morning announcement. The chosen seniors will then be able to collect their Gongcha during activity period.

“I have to say it was especially hard this year to plan RAK week due to COVID-19,” Matthew Kim (12), RAK executive, said. “But even so, our club stayed strong and was able to organize RAK week to the best of our abilities. It has been a journey seeing RAK grow throughout my four years of high school. Each year, the members and executives have brought a different color to RAK, and I am sure that it will be prevalent during the following week. I hope everyone enjoys RAK week!”