AP Art show opens with inspiration

Minjae Chun, Design & Production Editor

From April 21 to 28, the art department is hosting the annual AP Art show in the atrium. Current AP 2D Art, Design, and Drawing students displayed four to five artworks from their AP art portfolio that they have been working on for a year.

With 30 student artists in the art show, over 100 art pieces are curated. Students explored complex themes of their choice such as nostalgia, adolescence, and women’s empowerment.

“My collection of works is more personal and based on my unique experiences of being a teenager. Through painting, I was able to capture the diverse range of emotions I felt,” Claire Hahn (11), AP Drawing student, said. “Although it was definitely challenging to create numerous artworks based on the same theme, I am overall satisfied with my work since I spent immense effort throughout the year.”

Andrew Hahm (11), AP 2D design student, created artworks under the theme of misinformation and media censorship. 

“Throughout the process of creating my art, I had trouble applying the various forms of mediums,” Andrew said. “But when I finally finished, I was very proud of how I could share my work with the school community through the AP Art show.”

This year’s AP art show is especially unique since many students created artworks related to mental health and psychosocial wellbeing. 

“I think student voices have come through very strongly this year,” Jane Mitchell, AP Drawing teacher, said. “The fact that students created and researched mental health issues reflect how many felt a sense of isolation and disconnection during the pandemic. Yet, most of the works encourage the audience to be hopeful.”

All parents, students, and faculty members are invited to visit the AP art show. The atrium will be available for visits from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. after school.