Swimming into the new year


swimmers at the GSIS swimming pool

With the start of second semester, SIS swimmers are back in the pool, training for their B style meets. 

For context, KAIAC has implemented a ‘A and B’ system to categorize the myriad of swim races. A style meets take place during the first half of the season and are for much shorter races—like 50 or 100 meter events—whereas B style meets take place after winter break and are defined as longer races—like 400 meter freestyle.

“I prefer the B-type meets because they rely more on stamina,” Luke Seo (9), varsity swimmer, said. “The A-type meets were more competitive because everyone could last 50 meters of sprinting, but with these longer races, stamina and technique are really key.”

These past weeks, the swim team has been focusing on pacing and maintaining stamina. Warm-ups are now 1200 meters—divided by 400 meters of freestyle, IM, and choice swimming. 

“Since returning from winter break our varsity team has shown more engagement at training as well as at our competitions,” Carly Wessels, swim coach, said. “I think our team has bonded well and their camaraderie is a pleasure to observe.”

SIS has had good results through their B-type meets so far. In the first B style meet at YISS, SIS  boys and girls teams took a win against KIS. The boys won with a score of 39:29 and the girls won by 43:25. In another meet against GSIS, the girls won 43:25. 

Currently, the swim team is preparing for AISA. The team will be flying out to Jeju on Feb. 2 to compete. 

“I have a lot of confidence in our team as we head to Jeju for the AISA competition next week,” Ms. Wessels said.