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SIS volleyball teams play at GSIS


On August 30, SIS varsity and JV volleyball teams played a friendly match against Gyeonggi Suwon International School (GSIS). SIS volleyball teams were able to secure a victory at GSIS with the final score resulting in a 3-2 for the varsity boys, 3-1 for varsity girls, 2-0 for JV boys, and 2-1 for JV girls.  

Although every team performed a great game, the varsity boys had the crowd cheering at their loudest. The varsity boys team also played the longest game: all five sets with 15-15 deuce extended to 21-23.   

Varsity boys played last, ending the match against GSIS with a hard-fought win. The players were supporting each other, calling out good works, and keeping up the energy. It was a heart-stopping game for both the crowd and the team. 

The team started the game strong by leading the first two sets. However, the next two sets were given to GSIS, falling short by only five and six points. Although SIS varsity boys had initially led the game by five points, GSIS soon caught up, extending the game with deuces. However, the players were ultimately able to secure  an unforgettable victory.

“I think it was a difficult time because the points were going back and forth so many different times.But I think the students believed that they could win and that they deserved to win, and that was probably the most important thing.” Glen Monoghan, SIS varsity boys volleyball coach, said. “I would also point out that they did a good job of not worrying about what happened in the last point, and just focusing on the upcoming point.”

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