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First volleyball home game brings disappointment


On Sept. 6, SIS hosted its first home sports game of the year between the KIS varsity and JV volleyball teams, attracting great audiences from both schools. The SIS teams showed great athleticism, yet resulted in underwhelming results.   

The varsity games were hosted in Tiger Gym 1, while the JV teams played in Tiger Gym 2. The girls’ varsity team started SIS off with a great comeback victory with the final score of 3-2; despite losing the first two sets, the entire team showed great resilience that won them three consecutive sets afterwards. The boys’ varsity team also exhibited aerial superiority and strong defences and overall showed a good fight, but unfortunately were defeated with the final score of 3-1 after blowing a 6-point lead in the fourth set.

On the other hand, in Tiger Gym 2, both SIS boys and girls JV teams ended up being defeated after many long rallies. 

“Even though we lost, it was definitely a very close game and I think we fought well,” Dominic Hahm (11), boys varsity volleyball libero, said. “Our next home game is on September 13th, and we will train hard to show results.”

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Waan Choi, Reporter
Waan is a junior reporter for the Tiger Times Online team. He mainly enjoys writing articles about sports and Korean news. He loves watching the Premier League, listening to music, and playing soccer.