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South Korea hosts Seoul’s largest airshow


Seoul ADEX 2023, Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition, was held from Oct. 17th to 22nd at Seoul Airport. It drew a large crowd of attendees who had high expectations for this year’s airshow. 

Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition (Seoul ADEX) is one of the largest aerospace exhibitions in Northeast Asia and gained recognition as the fastest-growing defense exhibition in the world. It is held every two years in Seoul, exhibiting the latest products, technologies, and services that have amazed the audience like never before. Thus, many anticipated this year’s exhibition with high expectations.   

During the opening ceremony, the F-22 fighter jet and the B-52 bomber, a few of America’s most advanced aircraft, made their first public appearance in South Korea. Additionally, South Korea proudly unveiled its domestically developed jet, the KF-21 fighter, to make its first appearance at this event.

“The airshow was really cool and I definitely had fun there,” Irene Lee (9), visitor of the exhibition said. “One thing that stood out to me was the Black Eagles aerobatic [show] because it was so cool watching them perform aerobatic maneuvers. They were doing tricks and getting into formations, and it amazed me when they left contrails of different colors in the air.”

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