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LIV Golf gives Tiger Woods a redemption arc


Tiger Woods, the golf legend and 15-time major league champion was recently offered figures around 700 ~ 800 million dollars from the new LIV Golf Association, far exceeding the 120 million dollars racked up from his tournament winnings. The Arab-backed golf league has been at the forefront of contemporary golf games for some time, securing contacts with distinguished American golfers. Many have raised concerns about the future of the Professional Golfers’ Association of America, better known as the PGA.

Ever since Tiger Woods’ 2021 high-speed, single-car accident in the Los Angeles suburbs, Woods’ golf game has never been the same. His right leg was completely shattered, almost completely detached from his torso. The 15-time major league champion had a steep slope to climb compared to that at the start of his career; he had to relearn how to golf.

Since the spring and summer of 2022, the PGA started its steady decline. The men’s professional golf category’s biggest stars were swayed by the guaranteed 8-figure salaries the Arab league provided. Most notably, 5-time major league champion, Brooks Koepka, capitalized on the opportunity to secure his $130 million contract.

In a recent public statement, Koepka expressed his discontent with all the public criticism he was receiving. “You think I give a f**k what they think about me? You think I care what people say about me? I had three surgeries and I’m supposed to turn down $130 million? I grew up with nothing.”

“Woods’ retirement will leave a tremendous void in the golf world, as people have had access to golf from a young age, transforming it into a popular sport that anybody can participate in,” Kyounggeon (Kon) Kim (11), varsity boys golf team captain, said. “As a result, Woods’ retirement will cause a significant shift in the golf world. His presence was so powerful that he was Tiger Woods in golf, thus a new star will have to emerge to replace Woods’ hole.”

In the midst of all the hostility, several of golf’s best and most publicized players made fierce comments on the sudden transitions of established golf legends. John Rahm, world No. 2 and a highly decorated Spanish golfer with 11 tournament victories called out these “betrayers,” even going far as to condemn PGA golf management.

“Leaving one sports organization for another is quite a big deal,” Yool Choi (10), varsity boys golf member, said. “This statement applies especially for an all-star golfer like Tiger Woods.”

The decision Tiger Woods makes is undoubtedly going to change the golf scene. Woods’ fanbase is vast, equating to huge revenue for whichever organization he chooses to support. Whether or not the world sees Tiger Woods’ return to golf at all is still up for debate. Sitting on a comfortable 1.1 billion dollars, there is a big possibility that Woods might not even return to the game.

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Colin Park is a sophomore reporter for Tiger Times Online. Born in Bellevue, Washington, Colin is fond of slow-paced suburban life. He enjoys skiing and ice-fishing during the winter.

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