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‘Dune 2’ releases in Korea


“Dune 2” was released in Korea cinemas and has gained great popularity ever since Feb. 26. 

“Dune” is a science fiction movie set in a distant future in a feudal interstellar society where noble houses control planetary fiefs. The story is based on the protagonist Paul Atreides played by Timothée Chalamet, whose family accepts the stewardship of planet Arrakis, a fictional desert planet. 

“Dune 2” is the second part to the movie where they display revenge for families and loved ones. It is commonly stated that the part two of “Dune” is the entire film’s climax. 

“I didn’t think that the first movie was that entertaining,” Adelyn Yim (10), movie critic, said. “I first thought that the first part was boring, but now that I think about it after watching ‘Dune 2,’ the first film was an important part in bringing out the highlight of the entirety of the film.”

Many watchers say that the second part of “Dune” merely sets the stage for Paul Atreides, and more of his journeys to come in the next potential movies. However, the second movie was stated to bring closure to the first installment of the “Dune” series in various ways.

“The movie overall was beautiful, and was a good extension of the first part. I was impressed by the detailed scenery and their ability to deliver an overwhelming sensation to the viewers,” Ryan Jung (12), movie critic, said. “I can say that it was one of the best movies I’ve watched in the past few years. I think that the 4D effect enhanced the experience because it made me feel as if I was actually in the movie. The storyline, the visuals, and everything else was great.”

“Dune 2” seems to have depicted another sense of reality to the audience. While many movie fanatics are satisfied with the movie in terms of the overall storyline and visual effects, there are certainly those who see room for improvement. 

“I enjoyed the movie; however, there were parts in the movie that didn’t seem to communicate the message very clearly,” Noella Shin (9), movie critic, said. “There were parts of character conflicts and order arrangement choices that got me confused during the movie. Because the story is a complex one, I felt that they could’ve added more detail.”

While “Dune 2” excites audiences for the next plotline, Warner Bros, the filmmaker, says that “Dune 3” is yet to be decided. Additionally, Warner Bros claims that there will not be a part four of the series while many fans believe that there will be additional films after the third movie to complete the complex story. 

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