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Club executive selection standards: fair or unfair?


As students open emails to check club executive results, many emotions arise within the student body. These emotions range from happiness and satisfaction to disappointment and dissatisfaction. The continuation of this situation then raises the question: What is the standard for selecting club executives? 

Club executive decisions can depend on varying factors such as the advisor, club mission, and the improvements that they seek to make for the following year. This means that club executive results may not be solely based on the amount of work one has done. 

There is more to the club executive selection process than simply submitting a Google form which answers basic questions for the interview. Another factor that might influence this may be the combination of people that bring out the best teamwork. 

“There is more to the selection process than going over the student’s Google form response that lists out their hard work throughout the year,” Angela Campbell, MUN advisor, said. “There is also this aspect of choosing a good combination of leaders who will work well together to make the club flow smoothly.”

Due to many different aspects that have to be considered during this process, it is often difficult for club presidents or club advisors to find a common ground where everyone is satisfied. Additionally, the fact that every club went through contrasting experiences throughout the year and that they will have distinct improvements to strive for, it seems natural that the standards for selecting new executives will vary from year to year. 

In this tricky process, it will be difficult to look at all possible aspects. However, it does not mean that the club executive selection process was fair or unfair merely because of a shift in focus from the previous year. 

“As clubs have different areas to improve on each year, our focus when selecting executives also changes depending on what we want for next year,” Kaden Lee (11), Coding Club President, said. “However, this does not mean that the amount of work or the participation of the club members is disregarded, and I hope that this could be understood more in the future.”

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