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Shooting for the 5: How teachers support AP students


The upcoming AP tests have spelled disaster for a few, particularly the sophomores taking their first AP classes this year. Fortunately, some AP teachers plan on taking a new approach to this pronounced challenge. The 2024 AP exams are still as daunting as ever, but some AP teachers have stepped up to help students get that 5.

The AP biology teachers, for one, have been making an earnest effort to cater to the needs of a wide range of students. By providing a series of mock tests and individual concept lectures, the biology teachers have been actively encouraging their students to personalize the preparation process.

“I may be an AP biology student but I think I speak for the rest of the AP students when I say this,” Jun Lim (10), AP biology student, said. “The teachers have been making the study process much more methodical and efficient by focusing on specific aspects of the exam through the practice provided to us in class; it just seems like the classes now are geared towards our success.”

Ever since the beginning of the year, AP teachers have warned their students of the looming presence of the AP tests, regularly reminding students of what is eventually to come.

In several AP courses, teachers have integrated regular mock test practices into their classes; even organizing additional days of practice by getting students to come to school over the weekends to take full-length practice tests.

“I feel like the teachers are really taking the time to focus on each and every individual student,” Nathan Chung (10), AP world student, said. “After the mock test identifies the concepts we don’t fully understand, our teachers aptly explain what we’re missing.”

A shared sentiment amongst most AP class takers is that the classes recently have been getting increasingly more difficult; that feeling is largely attributed to the exam-intensive preparations most AP classes have been undergoing. Equipped with a solid foundation for their respective AP courses, this year’s exam takers are especially optimistic about their prospects.

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