Virginia Seefeld, math teacher

Wanting a more international experience for her children, Ben and Halle, Virginia Seefeld came to Korea last summer to teach at SIS. Raised in Oregon, Ms. Seefeld previously taught math in the South Eugene High School in Oregon for twelve years after graduating from University of Oregon with a degree in mathematics.

Although she has only been in Korea for two months, Ms. Seefeld has actively sought to experience many aspects of the local culture. Enjoying a variety of Korean food and visiting prominent landmarks such as the DMZ, Mrs. Seefeld and her family plan to visit more Korean landscapes and understand its entertainment culture.

During her stay in SIS, Ms. Seefeld hopes to create a more entertaining learning environment for students. She believes that a combination of fun and learning will allow students to truly appreciate the subject.

“I want to bring a better understanding of mathematics to the students themselves,” Ms. Seefeld said. “Only by having fun can students realize that mathematics isn’t actually difficult.”