James Funk, math and substitute teacher

James Funk, math teacher and substitute, taught at Michigan City High School for 29 years before coming to teach at SIS. Having moved to Korea not only to enlighten “bright, young minds” but also to experience a new culture, Mr. Funk was impressed by the advanced infrastructures of Seoul, namely the efficient hospital and transportation systems.

Mr. Funk has been able to pursue his love of experiencing new cultures and passion for photography by travelling to various cultural meccas in Korea. He recently visited the Garak Market, a traditional wholesale market, and found the experience to be unique and memorable. Along with his enthusiasm for travelling and photography, Mr. Funk also has strong interest in technology—he keeps up with the latest technological developments and innovations through his subscriptions in various magazines such as PC Magazine and PC World. Furthermore, in order to keep his body in shape, he works out in the gym during his leisure time.

“Wherever I go, I always like to keep myself occupied with something valuable and productive,” Mr. Funk said. “Korea’s culture is entirely different from the ones I am accustomed to—I am sure that I will be able to learn a lot from the experience I gain during my stay in Seoul.”