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“Interstellar” surprises audience with computer graphics, well-developed characters


Christopher Nolan’s ingenious mind and brilliance coupled with the casting of renowned actors have come together to produce “Interstellar.” Released in US theaters on Oct. 26 and in Korean theaters on Nov. 6, “Interstellar” is predicted to earn 55 million dollars after its initial release, slightly behind “Behind Hero 6,” a Disney movie that was released the same weekend with projected earnings of 60 million dollars.

Nolan became a big name in Hollywood after having produced many successful blockbusters including “Inception” and “The Dark Night Rises.” Recognized for his ability to imbue complex storylines with an artistic touch through his filming techniques, Nolan has once again done the trick with his most recent film “Interstellar.” With clever marketing tactics such as collaborating with Google to create a virtual space playground, “Interstellar” appealed to viewers prior to its release.

The movie, however, falls short of expectations. During the three-hour running time of “Interstellar”, Nolan spends too much time setting the scene. The first third of the film is dedicated to showing viewers what planet Earth has become: a desolate wasteland with the only living creatures, humans, abandoning their jobs and turning to corn farming. Although Nolan characterizes the farmers as optimistic and persistent, it is obvious that humans will be wiped out if they continue to live on Earth. Humans living on Earth are the only remnants of life and all people have abandoned their jobs and turning to corn farming. All try to make the most of their livelihoods and retain a small sense of optimism; however, it is an undeniable fact that one day all humans will be wiped out.

In search of a hospitable planet, a team of astronauts consisting of Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), Amelia Brand (Anne Hathaway) and others enter a wormhole. From this point on, the movie carries an unexpected twist.

While Cooper explores the space for two years, he realizes that he has left his children on Earth for 23 years. When he arrives on Earth, he finds that his children are all grown-up. The videos that his children sent him while he was in space are watched in silence and this scene is that one that resonates with viewers. McConaughey should be extolled for his efforts to deliver such a believable and successful character portrayal. He plays the role of a loving father and strong leader. McConaughey is on a roll with his successful films including the recent “Dallas Buyers Club,” and “Interstellar” is another film that marks his acting success.

Furthermore, the use of computer graphics in “Interstellar” made the science-fiction movie even more intriguing. Producers invested 165 million dollars in total into the film to Warner Bros for production and filming purposes. The background of these space scenes, which was filmed primarily in Alberta, Canada, added to the realness of the movie. The use of IMAX cameras enhanced the movie-watching experience and made each scene more suspenseful and realistic.

Though the movie is drawn out and the plot can get slightly repetitive, the movie is overall a must-watch for those looking for a movie based on science fiction with a touch of Nolan’s creativity and filming genius.

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