SIS CreARTions: Tiffany Jung


Graphic by Yeaji Park (11)

YENI’S COMMENTARY: Welcome to SIS CreARTions! Please welcome Tiffany Jung (11), an aspiring artist currently taking AP Studio Art. As a member of National Art Honor Society and a student who has taken two years of Studio Art, she has marked a presence in the SIS art community. Please watch out for her works!

ARTWORK TITLE: Concealed. 2014. Graphite, color pencil, water color on canvas. Size. Korea

ARTIST STATEMENT: Tiffany Jung (11)
“My works, including “concealed” might be disturbing or make someone feel uncomfortable. But being direct and expressing opinions directly is my other strength I have as an artist.”

“I really liked the combination of the materials I used in this piece. Before, I used watercolors and color pencils separately. But I like the variety if depths and the textures the color pencil gives over the watercolor. As an artist I take a lot of risks in the way I approach my ideas.”