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SIS CreARTions: Jungsun Bae

Graphic by Yeaji Park (11)

Jungsun Artwork

ARTWORK: Crazy Musicians, 2014. Charcoal, color pencil, acrylic, pen and collage on canvas. Dimensions. Seoul, Korea.

YENI’S COMMENTARY: In the second online issue of “SIS CreARTions,” I invited Jungsun Bae (12), a passionate artist, to share his story with us. Not only did Jungsun take various art-related classes in SIS such as AP 2D Design, AP Art History, ceramics, and graphic design, he also aspires to pursue art professionally as a college student. Look out for his works in the upcoming 2015 AP Art Show!

DESCRIPTION OF ARTWORK: “I like the chaotic vibe this piece gives off. I think the disordered scene in my artwork really captured the essence of an insane obsession [with music]. Initially, when I started brainstorming for this piece, I attempted to depict geniuses with autism. But as I began to build upon my piece, my art concept changed into a story about city dwellers who are crazy about music.”

ARTIST STATEMENT: “I am a detail-oriented artist who always pay close attention to minuscule details with precision. In addition, my art never ends the way I imagined it to be like when I started out with a fresh canvas. I have an experimental mind – I follow my instincts and develop my artwork as I go along. My favorite artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser repetitively uses spirals shapes. I associate with him because I also often utilize spirals in my artworks and I am always inspired by the different and unique ways he is able to use spirals.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 2.17.54 PM

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