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HSSC offers personal interaction through “Meet the Candidates Week”

With the executive election quickly approaching, the HSSC hosted the first “Meet the Candidates Week.” Held everyday at the rooftop patio from April 22 to 28, the event featured candidates of public relations, secretary, treasurer, and president, respectively, to answer any questions visiting student voters had during office hours..

Recognizing that the length of questions-and-answers sessions held in the past was too short to persuade voters, the HSSC sought to increase interaction between the student body and HSSC through this newly coordinated event. Not only was the event held for longer, its open nature was aimed to ease communication.

“We wanted to bring an event where students could openly go and meet the candidates,” said Yoon Lee, junior president. “But because it was our first year organizing such an open natured event, there were very few participants. Those that did show up were often close friends of candidates who would not be swayed by the other candidates’ responses.”

Due to the hosting of HSSC events such as the “Meet the Candidates Event” and prom ticket sales, as well as warmer spring weather, Café Yangbee, or Café the Y, has seen an increasing number of students since its opening on April 1.

“The HSSC wanted students to have a new lounge area, preferably somewhere where they could enjoy the weather, and believed the patio was the perfect area for such thing,” Yoon said. “We ran into problems with passing the proposal because of the monsoon season and Dr. Kim’s garden plans, but we are glad to see the patio enjoyed by students for a variety of activities.”

Official HSSC executive elections are to take place on (date), while the rooftop patio will be continue to be available for student usage through the food cart service for the remainder of the year.

“This year has really been an year of change and progress for the HSSC,” said Sean Syverson, HSSC adviser. “A good organization needs time to grow. With the past three years, the HSSC has steered away from thinking in terms of how we have always done things into how to better serve the school. All these changes and new events are aimed at building a community at SIS. The vision for the years to come is to build and celebrate each individual in this community.”

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