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Teehee app met with positive reactions from users


As modes of communication have become more diversified through the expanding digital age, it has become imperative for celebrities to update their social networking profiles on a regular basis. This trend is especially true for YouTube stars, who owe their fame almost entirely to the digital world. In addition to managing Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, a number of YouTube stars have also created their own apps to reach out to a wider audience. Ryan Higa, currently one of the most subscribed YouTube stars, has joined this trend with his recently released Teehee app, named after a phrase he says at the end of his videos. The app has received positive reactions from his fans and the public since its release on April 29.

Ryan Higa posted a video to promote his newly released Teehee app. After one launches the app, Ryan’s welcoming message and a description of the app pop up. Users can truly start exploring after they make profiles and start following different people related to Ryan Higa. For fans who are truly dedicated to Ryan Higa and want to see more of his updates in an organized, prompt fashion, the Teehee app provides them with the perfect opportunity.

The app is effective not only in updating different users with news relevant to Ryan Higa, but also in engaging the users in a more interactive experience. For instance, users are provided with direct links to Ryan’s YouTube videos and updates on social networking sites to save them from the inconvenience of having to check all of the different applications. In addition, the app also includes exclusive footage from the content that he does not upload to YouTube and material submitted by fans. Ryan Higa collaborates with his friends who often appear in his videos to make this a collective effort.

It is through this app that Ryan Higa and other YouTube stars can also give away gifts to some randomly selected fans. Even though such giveaway events used to only occur through videos and subscribing, Ryan Higa decided that since some people cannot stay as updated, he would conduct these events through the Teehee app. Again, people have commented that this increases interaction between the YouTube star and his or her fans. Such YouTube stars creating apps for their fans and using them effectively shows just how accessible apps have become to the general public.

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