Fast-paced ‘Suits’ tailored to please discerning viewers


From part-time drug dealer to successful lawyer, Michael “Mike” Ross tiptoes the fine line between a life of stability and danger. During a drug exchange revealed to be a police setup, Ross escapes from capture by hiding among Harvard Law School graduates waiting for their job interviews. Although not a graduate of any college, he pretends to be an interviewee in hopes of evading police interrogation.


Harvey Specter, a senior partner and employer of the firm, contemplates whether or not he should hire the fugitive but finds Ross a more promising candidate than any other applicant. Even though Ross’ lack of degree presents a significant liability to Specter’s reputation and to the firm, Ross’ eidetic memory and quick wit convince Specter to hire Ross against the firm’s internal policy to hire exclusively from Harvard Law School.



Marked by a lively combination of legal drama, romance, and comedic wit, “Suits” is perfectly tailored for those who enjoy fast paced, complex storylines. Although a majority of the show takes place inside the offices of the law firm Pearson Specter, each legal case leads to the two protagonists’ general perspective about the outside world.

As Ross never graduated from law school, his daily commute is a blatant repetition of felony. The possible of the discovery of “his secret” constantly looms over his head and threatens to destroy the very life he has just rebuilt. In an attempt to protect the secret, Specter and Ross struggle to cope with conflicting professional commitments and personal relationships.

Despite all the troubles the pair goes through to conceal Ross’ past, his colleagues are eventually let onto the secret through a series of unanticipated events. Rather than exposing Ross’ past, these characters become his priceless companions, endearing themselves to the audience as well as adding to the depth and complexity of the plotline.

So far, the show has aired five and a half seasons, with the second half of the fifth season to start this winter. Of the five seasons aired so far, the first and second seasons are more fast-paced and focused on the legal aspects of the show. While the third, fourth, and fifth seasons may not seem as action-packed on a surficial level, they still grasp the audience’s attention by extending the role of phenomenal female cast members. Especially powerful scene-stealers among them are Jessica Pearson, the stout leader of Pearson Specter, and Donna Paulsen, Specter’s witty secretary, who show more charms as the show progresses. Both are exceptionally perceptive women, both admired and feared by their colleagues.

For aspiring lawyers, “Suits” is a great selection. As its name suggests, “Suits” provides insight into the tolls and rewards of dealing with corporate lawsuits. But above the career insight, a team of lawyer ensures that all cases presented in the legal drama are based off real cases and therefore relevant to real-life law.

This is not to say that the show is only enjoyable for aspiring lawyers. Rather, the single prerequisite to enjoying this show is commitment. Each episode is approximately forty minutes long, but requires the fullest attention. Completing Pre-Calculus homework while watching “Suits” will not work, as missing one detail during an episode can severely limit your understanding of a subsequent event.

But other than the time commitment required, “Suits” provides expert knowledge, suspense, and dry humor unattainable from any other shows. The subtle yet breathtaking rivalries between dedicated professionals portrayed by the show will definitely appeal to many SIS students aspiring to become authorities in various fields. Moreover, many members of the SIS community will find themselves hungrily drinking in the details of each character, captivated by the unwavering amount of confidence each character displays even in highly competitive environments. Students may also find it interesting to learn that such confidence is gained through extensive preparation that lets such characters always be one step ahead of others.

For those planning to watch the show, we can assure you: no objections will be raised.

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