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Musicians of SIS: Jungyup Kim

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Different people have varying methods of stress relief. Some spend hours at the gym, while others listen to hours of music. With all of his worries and stressful moments in mind, Jungyup Kim (12) picks up his drumsticks and starts to release all of his energy into his music. Most people exercise or meditate, but for Jungyup, playing the drums is his method of catharsis.

“Whenever I feel irritated or stressed, I stop what I have been doing and either slam on my drum set or turn on the speaker and play any song that is on the playlist,” Jungyup says.

Jungyup has always been an avid fan of music, but he only recently started playing the drums. The truth is that he originally started enjoying music through a different instrument – the guitar. He only started what is now his largest passion two years ago. At an annual school concert he casually attended, Jungyup found the performance so exciting that the experience forced him to pick up a drum set.

“The feeling of playing the drums has a relaxing effect on my life,” he explains. “I used to play the guitar, but after watching the seniors play the drums in the concert at my old school, I decided to play the drums instead.”

Jungyup wishes to continue to pursue his passion in playing the drums after his high school career. Although he does not wish to take the professional road, he wishes to take courses in university that will help him maintain his passion. However, despite his strong will to go forward with his musical interests, he also recognizes the difficulty that lies ahead.

To an extent, Jungyup is worried. “If I continue playing drums in university, I will have to practice a lot more, because there are going to be drummers from all around the world who will be extremely talented.”

But in the long-run, Jungyup sees himself pursuing his passion in music. When he moves into his apartment in Japan, he wishes to take a drum set with him so that he can play the drums every time he needs to relieve his stress from his studies, work, and other life pursuits.

Though Jungyup has large dreams in continuing his drum career, at the moment, he is focusing on enjoying his everyday experiences.

“In the past, I used to upload covers quite frequently to YouTube, but I had some copyright issues. But I plan to upload videos starting in December again,” Jungyup said.


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