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Soomin2: Search for Stars!


By Soomin Chun & Soomin Lee

Welcome to Soomin2: The Search for Stars!

Every issue, we bring to you three special songs that we believe are worthy of your attention: songs that range in genre from pop to jazz to rap and many more! Our goal is to recommend you songs that will soon appear on your Favorites playlist, and to ultimately expose you to the unexplored stars of the musical galaxy. In the midst of all your responsibilities, take a few minutes to relax and indulge yourself in a world full of expression and creativity.

First is an upbeat song by popular rapper Travie McCoy and singer Jason Mraz, a must-hear song for those in love.

Rough Water – Travie McCoy (ft. Jason Mraz)

Jason Mraz’s first few notes will immediately capture your attention, with soft guitar chords joining his voice to create a rich, harmonious sound. Mraz continues and asks his love to “never let go” and to “hold on tight” even when times get difficult because he promises to do the same for her. The catchy hook builds up to Travie McCoy’s rap verse filled with colorful imagery that constantly refers to the sinking of a ship, such as “loose lips sink ships…but this boat will stay afloat as long as you hold me,” through which McCoy describes his love towards his special person. Especially for those who enjoy fast-paced music, this back-and-forth combination of singing and rapping will leave you awed at how well they intertwine to create a masterpiece!

Second is Dessert by Dawin featuring Silento. This song is perfect to listen to either as you dance like no one’s watching at home or chill with your best friends.

Dessert – Dawin (ft. Silento)

Dessert starts with the melodic playful vocals of featuring artist Silento, whose name you might recall from the hit song “Watch me (Whip/Nae Nae).” His smooth notes create the scene of chilling at a California beach with your friends, followed by Dawin’s deeper vocals repeating the chorus to lead listeners into the beat drop with the catchphrase of the song “Whatcha gon Whatcha gon do with that dessert.” The toying around of the lyrics like “murder that beat”, combined with the swingy rhythm make this song impossible not to dance to. The entire song alternates between the melodic calming vocals and the head-nodding beat drops, with something extra being added to the beat drop each time it repeats (listen to find out what!).

Finally, new singer Troye Sivan takes you back to your young and wild romances in the song YOUTH.

YOUTH – Troye Sivan

YOUTH is part of popular YouTuber, actor, and now singer-songwriter Troye Sivan’s debut album “Blue Neighborhood.” The deep bass chords combined with Troye’s high-toned yet relaxing mellifluent vocals lead you to reflect upon with whom you are spending your youth. As Troye started putting himself out onto the internet at a young age, his fans have been his “youth.” He recalls that he recklessly gave all his young adult years to the joy of having no responsibilities, and feels that listeners can also relate with their memories of youth. Troye’s own simple but powerful lyrics like “My youth is yours” and “And the stars exploding / We’ll be fireproof” sung with his ringing voice will bring you into deep thought, just right for those pensive bus rides home.

Thanks for listening, and come back next issue for more of our Stars!


– Soomin2

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