Yesterdays with Yeena: Why So Difficult


But I don’t want to live in Colorado, she says,
we’ve been on the phone
for two hours
and she tells me this now.
Why, I ask,
and she tells me about her rule,
it’s something in the name,
she doesn’t like it
It sounds like I’m hacking up something
nasty, she says,
that’s why she doesn’t live in states
that begin with C’s or K’s,
that’s why she lives in Georgia
that’s why she’ll never visit Carrolton,
it has nothing to do with her ex, she says.

She doesn’t drink soda,
except when eating pizza,
something about the fizz
she just doesn’t like it,
it feels like it’s sizzling my
insides, she says,
so she drinks fruit juices and wine
He likes soda,
but it has nothing to do with him, she says.