Soomin^2: The Search for Stars!


By Soomin Chun & Soomin Lee

For most, May is the month of longer days, greener trees, and beautiful picnics in the park. For students, however, it is the month of books and papers stacking up miles high in preparation for exam season—the start of being trapped inside, forced to study day and night. But never fear, the Soomins are here! To get some of the weight off your shoulders, take a deep breath, relax, and listen to these stars that we think will help you get through it all.

FYI terms:

Bass drop | beɪs drɒp |

  1. A drop in popular music, especially electronic music styles, where a switch of rhythm or bass line occurs and usually follows a recognizable build section and break.
  2. A heavy full bass line and “wobble” bass accompanied by a strong shuffling beat
  3. When a song goes from being slow to being really intense and WOAH

Our first selection is a pop song capturing the spirit of tired students who want to break free of their responsibilities and assignments to go have fun and dance.

Cool – Alesso (feat. Roy English)

You know the song cannot be bad when it is produced by Alesso, who also produced “Heroes” and “If I Lose Myself.”  The song starts off with delicate piano chords and chimes, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is a calm song. The chorus, with Roy English’s powerful vocals holding up the high notes, facilitates a continuous mood change, “Trying to keep it cool / But I can’t keep cool about it.” Right after the chorus, electronic music kicks in with drums and a bass guitar, perfect for explosive dancing at a party. The song continues to alternate between Roy English’s high-pitched soulful notes sung in a swaying rhythm and Alesso’s bass drops that pound out melodic vibes in a rocking powerful rhythm. Like how the music video portrays a nerd who dances his way out of class and transforms into the coolest guy at the school dance, this star will relieve your schoolwork stress and at least let your ears party if your body cannot.

Next up is a dance song sure to leave you daydreaming of summer parties on a sandy beach overlooking the glistening blue ocean.

Rock Bottom – Hailee Steinfeld (feat. DNCE)

A model, actress, and singer, Hailee Steinfeld once again impresses listeners with “Rock Bottom,” featuring rising pop rock band DNCE which stands for “dance”. Steinfeld’s distinct vocals start off the song strong, and the rhythmic beat of the bass that follows her vocals will soon leave you addicted. The real surprise comes at the chorus when powerful drums and guitars join Steinfeld as she sings about how she and her love are “on the right side of rock bottom.” Joe Jonas, lead vocal of DNCE, continues to describe the relationship in the second verse, realizing that although they argue endlessly, they still “make up the same day” because they are “on the good side of bad karma.” This catchy song will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to press the replay button over and over again.

Lastly, a song that appeared on the film “Furious 7” with another great bass drop.

How Bad Do You Want It – Sevyn Streeter

This star sends off an exotic aroma from the very beginning of the song with a shrill melody and strange drum pattern. As soon as the song begins, Streeter’s powerful vocals that hold one note for over ten seconds will keep you listening at least a while—and you will not be disappointed, because not even 20 seconds into the song the beat drop takes place, a glorious harmony of bass drums, electronic melody, and a vibrating low bass to complete the experience. Don’t worry—you will get to experience the stupendous bass drop three more times, each time preceded by a warning from Streeter singing, “If the sky start falling now / And the World stop turning ‘round / Oh yeah, did you give your everything? You better give your everything!” Make sure to listen to this star during exam season not only for the life-giving bass drop but also for Streeter’s message to keep on going no matter what.

Happy listening, and good luck on your final exams!

– Soomin2