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Soomin2: The Search for Stars!


By Soomin Chun & Soomin Lee

Soomin2 has good and bad news for you. The bad news is that, unfortunately, SIS does not have any breaks until the end of November, though the great majority of our high school students already look like it’s the end of the year. However, the good news is that we’re here—again—to get you through this tough and tiring period with three songs that will lift you up and reassure you that there will always be a tomorrow; keep on going and never give up.

First is a song by Daya that will surely lift up your mood in preparation for another school day.

Cool – Daya

After a few repetitive beats play in the background, Daya’s voice rolls in, relaying her newfound love for another person. She sings of how even though they’re staying quiet, it “never feels boring” because her “heart is racing for [him].” The real surprise comes in the chorus immediately after the build-up as her strong, slightly high-pitched voice takes over to exclaim how her relationship is “perfect” as “there’s never any pressure” and her significant other knows “how to keep it cool,” playing with the title of the song. Perfect for those looking for a break amidst the tremendous amount of homework as well as those searching for love, there is no doubt that this song will keep you pounding the replay button over and over again throughout this month.

Second is an inspiring and reassuring song from new rising artist Stylez Major.

New Day – Stylez Major

At five minutes and 37 seconds, New Day is longer than most songs and jam-packed with storytelling lyrics that come straight from Stylez Major’s heart. With uplifting and optimistic lyrics like “My life good and my life blessed even through all my stress” and “Everyday’s a surprise man / I feel so alive I know that I’ll survive!” this song is the perfect stress-reliever for any student who sees nothing but darkness ahead of them with summative assignments and homework beating them down. Stylez Major’s calming rap with a swinging beat and soulful chords in the background will make you nod your head to not only the catchy rhythm but to his truthful lyrics about love and optimism. Even if you’re feeling down, always remember that the sun will come up again tomorrow morning—bringing with it a new day full of new people, new chances, and new opportunities.

Lastly, Dynamite by Nause and Pretty Sister, a song that will certainly leave you feeling refreshed and ready for whatever comes your way.

Dynamite – Nause (feat. Pretty Sister)

From the very beginning, this song is different. A few piano chords play in the background for a couple of bars and then are quickly joined by fresh EDM beats and the addicting voice of Pretty Sister, an alias for the singer Zak Waters. Pretty Sister brings up his past experiences and compares his ex-girlfriend to dynamite, singing of how she “cut deep” but didn’t see because she “doesn’t care” and “doesn’t bleed.” The talk about his ex-girlfriend continues until the chorus, where he starts to speed up in sync with the background music of Nause and directly states that all the “sweet sweet words were all for show.” The regret Pretty Sister seems to portray after realizing how mistreated he was by his ex-girlfriend intertwines perfectly with the groovy beats Nause sets up in the background, making it the best song for anyone looking to start anew with an uplifted heart.

Pull through until the very end of the semester with the help of these three songs, Tigers!


– Soomin2



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