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Spark of hope for Apple’s MacBook Pros


[LIFESTYLE] GRAPHIC Release of new Macbook - Draft 5 - Issue 4 - Jina Kim
Just a month ago, Apple launched and introduced its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that were said to have “minimal differences,” according to Forbes News. Despite some disappointment from online forums, tech fans were excited for the new and improved 2016 MacBook Pro, which was revealed on Oct. 27.

According to the Macbook launch event held that day, the biggest change to the Macbook Pro is a touch bar that allows for common tasks to be done more efficiently on whatever program is being used. For example, if a user were on his or her desktop, the screen would show a representation of the standard function row, which would include brightness and media controls. In addition, the Safari web browser would display controls for finding and defining terms, while the iMovie video editor would offer a panel for cutting clips as well as a more precise volume slider.

“I have watched some of the clips from the launch event for the new MacBook Pro, and I was fascinated by the new changes,” said Yoon Lim (10), an avid fan of Apple products. “I am envious of those who will get to use it. The best feature seems to be the touch bar function keys that can be customized to any user’s desire. I love how technology is becoming individualized as it is developed.”

However, many others have criticized Apple’s new MacBook Pro and its developments. According to CNET, the touch bar is useless because of its small size, and a large external display or a touch computer screen would have been better instead. Still others claim that the price, at $1999, is too high, believing the new innovations do not justify the hefty price at all.

“I think this new product will be something that people will buy for the novelty of having a ‘touch screen’ on their computer,” said Bill Lee (10), a user of the 2016 12-inch new MacBook. “[The new feature] is going to be interesting and fun to have during the first few weeks of use, but after a while, it is only going to be a gadget that does not really serve any purpose.”

While there are many in the tech world that support and are fascinated with this new advanced innovation, many others deem it to be useless. In general, despite some disappointment over the functions and cost of the new MacBook Pro, Apple’s continuous progress with its products has been reaffirmed, sparking hope for new products that will be launched in the future.

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