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Stuff eegwa and moongwa people say


*Eegwa: interest in science and mathematics

*Moongwa: interest in literature and arts

1.Eegwa: Oh my goodness my math average is so low… Am I even eegwa?

Hey, as they say, success isn’t the key to happiness! Except for when you’re in a school where academic excellence is deemed as “success…” And except for when society is built upon competitive attitudes toward achieving good grades…

  1. Moongwa to eegwa person: Why do you even enjoy math and science? It’s so inapplicable to daily life…

As a moongwa person myself, I totally get your point. Honestly, what are the chances I’m going to use sigma notation for my benefit in the future?

  1. Eegwa to moongwa: You just claim you’re moongwa only because you’re not good at eegwa.

Well I admit that personally, there is a certain truth to that statement. But also, we don’t always enjoy things just because we have a decent ability to do them, even though my abomination for math and science would have remained, regardless of my abilities.

  1. Both: Am I even moongwa or eegwa? Do I even have any interests?

Chill. This existential crisis is an organic part of growing up! There’s nothing wrong with interests that overlap in the subjects of moongwa or eegwa. And in the end, moongwa and eegwa shouldn’t label you and confine you to certain areas of interest!

Disclaimer: All comments are in good fun. Please don’t hate. Appreciate the humor.

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