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Stuff people say at 2 a.m.


1. Should I eat or not?

I believe that life is too short for one to be having this internal debate every night—too short to be helplessly listing the pros and cons of having a late night snack or feel unhappy. In the end, you’re probably going to eat that chocolate muffin anyway. You might as well cut to the chase and bite into the delectable delight from the beginning. What are calories? What is a fit body?

2. To your friend/group chat: “Hi. Is anyone awake?”

Either we have that friend or have been that friend who longs for a companion to ponder about life and important choices at 2 a.m. Humans are social beings! We all desire connection! LOL. In truth, we know that we just want to feel better about our procrastinating, worthless selves, and what better method to stop those flowing tears than to waste more time complaining with someone in the same boat as us! Chances are, you’re not the only one.

3. What. It’s already 2 a.m.?

Yes. That clock, as a matter of fact, reads 2 a.m. And you’ll be saying this again, in an hour.

4. I’m going to be fine. I have the whole night to finish my work.

And you have never been more wrong, believing with a religious fervor in the misconception that you will actually stay up to complete assignments for the next school day. Personally, I go by my motto, “Due tomorrow, do tomorrow,” because we all have a choice in life. By that, I take a very holistic approach to life, since not completing this homework assignment right now may come along with some consequences in the near future, but it definitely won’t be a concern in the grand scheme of things.

Disclaimer: All comments are in good fun. Please don’t hate. Appreciate the humor.

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