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To the non-connoisseurs of school supplies

As the end of the school year creeps closer, both dread and excitement crawl up the spine while we contemplate how the following year may be. The anticipation for following year is, mostly, puzzling: often times it results in mixed feelings, leaving us clueless to… Keep Reading


The bully of the playground

A new conservative monster is born; he is the best candidate; he is illegitimate; he won fair and square; he must be gotten rid of; he is the chosen one. Despite the fact that it sounds more like a discussion over a character in a… Keep Reading

US-China summit hidden away

Over the course of two days from April 6 to April 7, President Trump and President Xi Jinping, two leaders of the biggest economies in the world, met for the first time joining at President Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago, Florida. “I think it’s a very… Keep Reading


The norms of a lie

There is no doubt that every one of us lie at least once everyday, whether it is a white lie for the good of the other person or a flat out lie for a selfish reason. However, amongst the lies in society, there are times… Keep Reading


Jackie Chan finally wins an Oscar

After starring in 200 movies and fracturing countless bones, Jackie Chan finally won an Honorary Oscar on Nov. 12 with Anne V. Coates, Frederick Wiseman, and Lynn Stalmaster. Starting at the age of 8 with “Big and Little Wong Tin Bear,” Chan has worked in… Keep Reading


Marvel’s new comic sparks racial diversity in Hollywood

Hollywood and its lack of racial diversity has earned never-ending criticism, especially after last year’s #Oscarssowhite movement gained popular support. Over the past two years, significant efforts have been made to increase racial diversity in the media. On Sept. 30, Marvel’s new television series “Luke… Keep Reading


Lost in diversity: what we have forgotten

Globalization – humanity has obsessed over this idea of worldwide interaction involving the politics, economies, and cultures of different nations. Globalization has often been linked with westernization, and globalization has come to mean the spreading of western ideals and thoughts. However, now the focus has… Keep Reading


Back to Platform 9¾

If you are one of the millions of Harry Potter fans around the world, you would have spent quite some time fantasizing about the adventures of the new generation of wizards would take after their last appearance in the epilogue of Harry Potter and the… Keep Reading

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